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Miroslav Gacik - MYSTIQUE s.r.o.
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VUB A.S., Bratislava (SK)

Custom products


9. Custom production tailored to customers requirements


Custom products, which are tailor-made to customer requirements is possible to deliver after previous telephone or e-mail arrangements with the supplier. Price is determined separately before starting production. Delivery time is 1-4 weeks from the date of placing the order. Delivery time starts from the date of whole amount payment of issued pro forma invoice for goods by pre-payment. This product can not be returned after receiving by the buyer!

When manufactured goods to suit your requirements when purchasing 5 pieces and more charged the standard price. When you buy 4 units or less, the price is increased by 50% from the standard price! We reserve right for change during setting of selling price and delivery time of tailor made products.