Mystique® Dummy "Rabbit full fur" 500g small mouth full fur


Mystique® Dummy "Rabbit full fur" 500 g small mouth is one of our best-sellers and is used as a basic equipment for every kind of dummy trainings, especially intended for dogs with smaller mouth. This dummy is ideal for everyone who does not have a possibility to train with a real game because it can be flavoured with animal scents and as it is fully covered with fur it also helps the dog to get used to having hairs in its mouth. It can occur to partial fall out of fur hairs or parts of fur, beucase of mechanical manipulation with product, which is not reason to claim the product.

The dummy is short and rounded in shape, which helps the dog to fetch it holding in the middle.

• for daily training
• high quality
• for dogs with smaller mouth
• helps dogs to get used to hairs in mouth
• trains dog´s attention and hunting skills
• ergonomic plastic toggle
• can be flavoured with scents
• for dogs from 6 months of age

Fur on dummies can be delivered in different colors,see below. Different colors of fur is not a reason for complaint.

Colours: full fur
Dimensions: length ca. 20 cm, ø ca. 5,5 cm
Weight: 500 g