Mystique® "Hunting Profi" hunting leash moxon 8mm beige M 295cm with hornstop


Mystique® "Hunting Profi" hunting leash is a very popular hunting leash, which is used mostly on hunting days or when taking hunting tests. But you can also use it when only walking with your dog. The leash is made of a climbing rope, which ensures high durability and flexibility of the product.

With additional parts you can lead 2 or more dogs.


Material: Nylon

Colours: black, beige, olive green, red, neon green, orange, lila, pink, turquoise, neon orange

Version: moxon, moxon with hornstop, with carbine

Length: L 325 cm (ca.200+125), M 295 cm (ca.170+125), S 275 cm (ca.150+125)

Length (with carabine): L ca. 200+80cm, M ca. 170+80cm, S ca. 150+80cm

Diameter: ø 8 mm

The hornstop can be easy-going, but this is not a reason for complain! If hornstop is too tight, in the case of wet leash it would not be possible to move.