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Facebook photo competition - results
Our photo competition came to its end. We would like to thank all participiants for their nice photos. Below you can find results of the competiton: 1st place - Nicole Gliem - Gundog's Choice Braxton / Photo: Ruth Benger (Mystique dummyvest + 5 Mystique standard dummy 500g) 2nd place - Pernille Lillevang – Brown Hunt's Trick or Treat / Photo: Pernille Lillevang (Mystique dummybag Profi + 10 Mystique standard dummy 500g) 3rd place - Camilla Lund Johne - Solsvningens Ice Coffee / Photo: Camilla Lund Johne (Mystique dummybag Mini deluxe + 5 Mystique dummy ball) Congratulation to winners! Looking forward to next photo competition. 
Reflex green Mystique tracking leashes
Speciall tracking leash made from reflex green nylon. With classic carabine on the end. Lenghts: 6m ,10m, 15m, 20m. Width: 20mm 
New colors of ACME whistles
Let me introduce you new colors of ACME whistles - "Lila" and "Honeysuckle". I am very pleased that our company Miroslav Gacik - MYSTIQUE found out and helped to refresh range of color whistles and managed to launch these new colors into market. I think there´s no need to highlight we got exclusivity for  these products. Why did we choose these colors? By lila color we would like to complete our Mystique lila edition as this edition became quickly very popular. Honeysuckle color is very popular in fashion and that´s why it became "Color of the year 2011".  It is very outstanding, confident, vital and not everyday color. I hope you will like these new Acme whistles the same as we do. Lila and honeysuckle whistles will be available at our business partners all over the Europe. 
Mystique Treatbag
Practical treatbag - can be used not only for small treats but also for some training things. You will appreciate it not only while clicker training.
Hunting sit stick
Robust hunting sit stick with practical opening/closing system. Sitting place is made of side leather and the sticking part of chestnut-wood. It is very stable and easy to transport. Material: side leather/chestnut-wood. 
Bunny rabbit dummy
These dummies are true copy of rabbits so it is very good training tool to train your dog before you start training with real game. Also perfect if you have no possibility to train your dog with a real game. Bunny dummies help your dog to hold and retrieve the game properly. These imitate a real rabbit by its shape. The body is made of soft but durable material. It can be covered by a rabbit fur and flavoured by a scent. 2 sizes - small and large. 
Mystique Game vest
Specially designed for hunting, FT or WT. The vest is nearly reflective because whole back side is orange so it is very good visible. Front side is also added with orange stripes. One pocket is equipted with smaller one which is removable and can be used for bullets. On the right side, you have at your disposal carbine, which you can use for Chuckit! or just hang on the water bottle. 
New colors of Mystique leashes
Mystique Field trial leash (4/6/8mm, 130/150cm) – wide range of moxon leashes made from high quality climbing rope with deer antler, which stays in adjusted position. Can be used for working dogs as well all sporting dogs. Mainly used by retriever training.
Mystique dummy SpeedBall
New generation of dummy balls made only by Mystique gundog training equipment. Based on our experience Mystique DummyBall became very favourite that´s why we made up a new Mystique SpeedBall. It is a perfect combination of standard dummy ball and speedy dummy. Small ball helps to improve your dog´s hunting skills . No extra throwing power needed. It is more interesting for every dog and your dog will get crazy in it as well. It can be flavoured by any scents and used both on land and water. Color: green, orange, white, blue, khaki, light blue, pink, lila, white/khaki, white/blue, white/black, orange/blue, green/orange, khaki/orange, white/orange, white/green, orange/black, white/lightblue, white/pink, lightblue/black, black/pink, lightblue/blue, lila/white, lila/black. Weight: 150g. 
Mystique LILA edition
Mystique LILA dummies - special edition. In our offer you can find a special lila edition of Mystique dummies. Available in all categories of Mystique dummies - standard, marking, long throw, speedy, ball, pocket, puppy etc. 
We decided to thank our facebook fans and that´s why we will regurarly keep  "Fans award". 1st  Fans award – our 55th new fan will be rewarded by Mystique key case. Thank you all that you are supporting our page! 
The sponsor of Dummy Trial Fara in Sabina (It.)
12. - 13.3.2011 - Dummy Trial Fara in Sabina (Working Retrievers Club Italia). Info: 
Sponsor of Dummy trial Trieste (IT)
2.-3.4.2011 - Dummy trial Trieste (Working Retrievers Club Italia) Info: 
Mystique Dummy Standard 500g with pheasant pelt
Mystique Dummy Standard 500g with pheasant pelt. The pheasant pelt, attached to a dummy will help your dog get used to the touch and fell of a real game, as well as to the smell (optionnal scents available seperatly). Simply place the pheasant pelt on the dummy and you are good to get your dog used to a whole new kind of dummy. Don't let the dog chew the wings.  Once used, if the pelt is wet you can air dry it. 
Mystique armflags
Thanks to the armflags your dog will better see you wherever you are. White color makes a good contrast to the background. Perfect help when you do some handling trainings. Can be used also on working tests. 2 armflags in a set. Material: 100% Polyester, washable. Availlable in 2 size: M and L.