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Mystique Dummy Standard 500g with pheasant pelt
Mystique Dummy Standard 500g with pheasant pelt. The pheasant pelt, attached to a dummy will help your dog get used to the touch and fell of a real game, as well as to the smell (optionnal scents available seperatly). Simply place the pheasant pelt on the dummy and you are good to get your dog used to a whole new kind of dummy. Don't let the dog chew the wings.  Once used, if the pelt is wet you can air dry it. 
Mystique armflags
Thanks to the armflags your dog will better see you wherever you are. White color makes a good contrast to the background. Perfect help when you do some handling trainings. Can be used also on working tests. 2 armflags in a set. Material: 100% Polyester, washable. Availlable in 2 size: M and L. 
Mystique Marking flags
Mystique "Marking flags" are very useful when you want to help your dog to get more confidence while markings or handlings training. Very easy to use. After training can be carried in a bag.
Sponsor of Kinder Fun WT
2.4.2011 - DRC – Bezirksgruppe Niederrhein. Info:           
Photo competition 1/2011
Let´s have fun with Mystique gundog training equipment ! Competition will start on 31.3.2011 and finish on 31.5.2011. 1st place – Mystique dummyvest + 5 Mystique Standard Dummy 500g 2nd place – Mystique dummybag Profi + 10 Mystique Standard Dummy 500g 3rd place - Mystique dummybag Mini deluxe  + 5 Mystique Dummy ball Info: 
The main sponsor of the GERMAN CUP 2011
Mystique gundog training equipment is very proud of being the main sponsor of the GERMAN CUP 2011 and we are very happy we can support this nice event. We wish all handlers good luck, good dogs, excelent results and nice judges. Info: Results: Photos:
Mystique dummy bag Profi
Mystique dummy bag "Profi" with many additional pockets, two side pockets. Professionals use the front pocket with net for wet training material, for example dummies after water work, and they do not have to carry it in the main pocket. In this dummy bag you have your training equipment always ready. Thanks to special material, you can put inside wet and dirty dummies and game. Very easy to clean.