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Mystique Dummy vest "Profi cool"
For your comfortabe feeling while training, hunting or competiton in hot summer days we got for you Mystique Dummy Vest Profi cool. The mesh pouch on the backside ensures better air circulation.  Perfect for summer.  All your equipment can be hidden inside whereas your hands remain free. We offer it in color brown, beige and khaki,. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Dummy Straight-line
Mystique® Dummy Straight-line 550g is made as a training tool for learning, training and building confidence while training handling to keep the dog in straight line. Colors: white-black, green-black, orange-black Dimensions: Length approx. 30 cm incl.strap, ø approx. 9 cm Weight: 550 g
Biothane blood tracking leash two color
We have extended offer of Mystique® Biothane®  blood tracking leash.  Since now you can choose it in orange-blue or orange-yellow color. We manufacture it from the material BioThane® BETA or GOLD with solid brass or rust-proof joint. Length: 6m, 7m, 8m 10m, 12m, 14m Width: 13mm, 16mm, 19mm  
3-part dummy
Mystique 3-part dummy is special dummy designed to imitate real game by its weight and form. Very popular in case you have no possibility to train with a real game.  It helps dogs to fetch it correctly, right in the middle.  Other 2 parts are flopping and this is like real game retrievering.  With fur in the middle is the dummy very similar to real game, especially by using training dog scents. For more versatile use we have expanded our offer on new weights, from now you can buy: Mystique® Dummy "3-part" full fur in 2,5kg new 4 kg and 5 kg Mystique® Dummy "3-part junior"  in  new 0,75 kg, 1 kg, 1,5kg Mystique® Dummy "3-part junior" with rabbit fur  in  new 0,75 kg, 1 kg, 1,5kg Mystique® Dummy "3-part junior" full fur in new 0,75kg and 1 kg  
300g Dummy Ball
Popular Mystique® dummy ball in offer also in 300 g version. • broadly useful for daily training and walking in nature • improves dog's attention and hunting skills • optimized for obedience, incl. steadiness training • for youngsters and adult dogs Colors: orange, green, white, blue, khaki, pink, camo nylon, light blue, lilac, hot pink, yellow, camo-forest nylon, neon green, red, black, WHITE - green, - khaki, - blue, - pink, - light blue, - lila, -hot pink, - yellow, - red ORANGE - green, - blue  BLACK - white, - hot pink, - light blue, - lila, - orange, -pink, - yellow, -  red LIGHT BLUE - dark blue BLUE - yellow
Leather whistle lanyard
Leather whistle lanyard 4 mm is made of excelent quality leather in England. We offer it in color dark brown, light brown and natural. Very smart lanyard for competition or training...
"Black" edition
In our offer you can find a special "Black" edition of Mystique® dummies. Available in all categories of Mystique® dummies - standard, marking, long throw, speedy, ball, speedball, pocket, puppy etc.
New color of waxed collection - SAHARA
Waxed cotton is a unique high-quality fabric.  It is breathable while providing protection from wind and water.    Dummy vest and Dummy bag  - perfect assistance for training, hunting or competition... Dummy vests, Dummy bags and travel bowl in the new waxed cotton colours – sahara in different sizes and designs.
Celebration of the 10th anniversary
Mystique® products are on the market already for 10 years. During these period we appreciate your faithfulness and trust in our products. We would like to thanks all our business partners and that is why we offer to you bonus of 10% for all Mystique® products. The bonus will be valid for orders from 10.10.2018 until the 31.10.2018...
Biothane Blood tracking leash with brass and rust proof buckle
Popular Mystique® Biothane blood tracking leash is ideal for everyday use while hunting or blood tracking trainings. We offer it also with brass and rust proof buckle for silent usage which is necessary while hunting.
Mystique® Dummy vest Profi - also in XXL size!
Mystique® Dummy vest Profi is perfectly suitable not only for training, but also for hunting or competition. All your equipment can be hidden inside whereas your hands remain free. To protect your back against excessive stress, the pockets were arranged very ingeniously. Handmade. Colours: beige, brown, khaki and in waxed brown Size:  XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Summer holiday in our company
From 23 July  till  05 August 2018  will be our company closed due to summer holiday.  Received orders will be sent before holiday, if will be payment credited on our account at latest by 18 July,  otherwise orders we start processing after 06 August 2018. We are at your disposal again from Monday, 06 August 2018.
Mystique®Nylon tracking leash round 7mm in neon green
Mystique® Nylon tracking leash round 7mm is made from Polypropylene which is very lightweight and so can float on water. A removable stopper enables you to mark a spot where the leash comes to its end.  From now is available also in neon green.
Mystique® Dummy bag profi in new colors sailor blue, camo and hunting green
Mystique®  "Dummy bag profi" has a front net and many additional pockets, two side pockets. Professionals use the front pocket with net for storage of wet training equipment, for example dummies after water work. In this dummy bag you always have your training equipment ready to use. From now also in new colors sailor blue, camo and hunting green.   Available in sizes M and L.