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Dummy vest Profi waxed
Waxed Dummy vest Profi by MYSTIQUE®  is perfectly suitable not only for training, but also for hunting or competition. All your equipment can be hidden inside whereas your hands remain free. To protect your back against excessive stress, the pockets were arranged very ingeniously.  Waxed cotton is a unique high-quality fabric. It is breathable while providing protection from wind and water.  Handmade. Size:  XS, S, M, L, XL
Waxed cotton collection !
In our offer you can find Dummy vests, Dummy bags and travel bowl in the new waxed cotton version. Waxed cotton is a unique high-quality fabric.  It is breathable while providing protection from wind and water. Dummy vest and Dummy bag  - perfect assistance for training, hunting or competition . . .
New colours of whistles - Snorkel blue and Turquoise!
New colours of whistles We would like to introduce you our new colours of Acme whistles, which we are selling under our exclusivity. You can find in our offer a special  Snorkel blue and Turquise
New spring snaps of Mystique® Rubbered leashes
We have extended offer of rubbered leashes of the following spring snap: trigger, solid brass trigger, rust-proof trigger and rust-proof snap hook. Except of 15mm and 20mm width, you can choose 12mm width also. Rubbered leashes are made from durable and tough rubbered nylon strap. Due to the both-sided applied rubber the leash is grippy and especially in wet condition it’s easy to hold. The colours of rubbered leashes correspond with the colours of our rubbered collars!
"New yellow" edition
Since now, you can find in our offer a special " New Yellow" edition of Mystique dummies. We have extended offer of combination of yellow-black and yellow-white color, available in all categories of Mystique dummies - marking, long-throw, speedy, ball, speedball, pocket, puppy etc.
"Neon green" edition
With the arrival of spring we bring new edition of Mystique dummies. In our offer you can find a special "neon green" edition, available in all categories of Mystique dummies - standard, marking, long throw, speedy, ball, speedball,hunting disc, pocket, puppy etc.
Trawel bowls with practical carabine
We are constantly trying to improve our products to your satisfaction. On the request of our customers we have improved trawel bowls of practical carabine. So you can now enjoy this improvement. Travel bowls are available in different colours: black, blue, brown, camo-khaki, camo-forest, green, grey, khaki, lila, neon green, orange, pink, red, wine  red and yellow.
New sizes of collars
We are pleased to inform you that our offer for Biothane dog collars includes sizes from 16mm to 50mm in different types of materials, colours, lenghts from now and also we added rust-proof saddlery fittings. If you have small or big dog – for each of them you can find the right collar on our offer.
Nylon collar Profi - New design
We are always trying to improve the quality of our products and now, we have got better our Nylon collars Profi. Not only that we found on the market fashionable buckle, which is nice by its design, but it is more durable and anti-freeze. Don´t worry to go for walk with your four-legged companion in cold winter days. Buckle withstands freezing up to - 20 ´C. For more information, please see our eshop . Your Mystique® team
New colours - Biothane blood tracking leash and blood tracking leash round
We have extended offer of Biothane blood tracking leash with new colours. Since now, except off the neon orange and brown, you can choose from the following new colours: black, neon yellow and neon green. Furthermore, you can find in our offer Biothane blood tracking leash round in new colours: black, brown, neon green and neon orange, in lenghts 10m and 12m. The blood tracking leashes from Biothane are ideal for everyday use while hunting or blood tracking trainings.
Christmas wishes
The year-end brings no greater pleasure than the opportunity to express to you season"s greetings and good wishes. May your holidays and new year be filled with happiness! Your Mystique® Team   Dear customers, All your orders will be process in January 2016 22.12.2015 - 03.01.2016 - CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY 04. 01. 2016 - we are at your disposal again.
Hunting Profi silent hunting leash - new colours
Mystique “Hunting Profi silent” is a special moxon leash for gundogs. Because of the high popularity we decided to spread offer of new colours. The leash is made from a high quality climbing rope that guarantee its resistance. This leash is very favourite by gundogs test, working test, field trials but also during walks. The biggest advantage of this leash is that its whole body is without any metal part – it is very silent and doesn´t disturb you or your dog while hunting. Color: huntergreen/orange, black, beige, olive green, red, neon green, orange, lila, pink, turquoise, neon orange Version: moxon, moxon with hornstop Ø 8mm, Length: 280cm,  on request we can produce other length  
Biothane® GOLD new material in our offer
Biothane® GOLD new material in our offer. We offer almost all product range which we manufacture from Biothane® BETA. Width: 9mm, 13mm, 19mm, 25mm Colour: gold pink, gold orange, gold green, gold light green, gold blue, gold light blue, gold turqouise, gold red, gold black, gold yellow, camouflage green, camouflage orange, camouflage pink
Biothane Beta Round NEW colours & products
We have extended also an offer of Biothane® products Beta ROUND (coated rope) with new colours. Since now, except for the neon orange, you can choose from the following NEW colours: black, blue, brown, neon green, neon pink, neon yellow, red, wine red, grey, light blue, light green and lila. Furthermore, you can find in Biothane® round Collar with stopper, Short leash, Moxon leash and Hunting profi silent leash as brand NEW products on our offer. Widths: 6; 8mm
Biothane BETA products in new colours
We have extended an offer of Biothane products BETA with new colours. Now you can choose from the following wide range of colours: black, blue, brown, green, lila, neon green, neon orange, neon pink, neon yellow, red, wine red, pastel green and NEW grey, pastel purple, pastel blue, pastel pink, light brown, light blue, light green