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Mystique® Dummy vest Trainer blue and orange in our offer again!
Blue and orange Dummy vest trainer is again available in sizes S, M or L with a metal or plastic buckle...
Mystique® Dummy vests Trainer in size S
Mystique®  Dummy vests "Trainer"  "Trainer Cool"  and  "Trainer waxed "   are a perfect aid for a training day. All your training equipment or game can be hidden inside whereas your hands remain free. We expanded our offer about size S (40-42) in all colors and designs.
"New red" edition
In our offer you can find a Special "Red" edition of Mystique® dummies. Available in all categories of Mystique® dummies - standard, marking, long throw, speedy, ball, speedball, pocket, puppy etc. ...
Practical 350 ml water bottle
From now in our offer also 350 ml practical and durable water bottle, which enables you to have water for you or for your dog always at hand. Practical bowl is mounted at the bottom of the bottle. Bowl suits natural way of drinking of dogs. A carabiner is also a part of the bottle, using which you can simply attach the bottle to a backpack or bag. Bottles are made from high quality aluminum and contain no harmful substances (BPA free). You can buy it in colours: black, silver, red, blue, white, green.
Christmas working  time
The christmas holiday in our company are as follows: 19.12.2017 - orders received till 10:00 o´clock will be processed the same day if payment will be credited, otherwise orders will be processed next year 22.12.2017 - 01.01.2018 - CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY 02. 01. 2018 - we are at your disposal again Let me also thank you for your cooperation during 2017 and wish you all the best to 2018 !
ACME clicker in our offer!
ACME Clicker No.470 is replica of the original clicker, which the US army used during the D-Day. Klicker has loud and crackling sound. It is a special robust and long-lasting training equipment for dogs, with small hole for cord. Made in England.
Beta reflex collars in our offer!
As the autumn is coming and the darkness is getting sooner and sooner outside, we would like to offer you collars and neoprene collars from new material Biothane Beta reflex for better safety of your dog.  Biothane Beta reflex is softer, more flexible and pleasant to the touch compared with Biothane GOLD. You can choose from colors: reflective black, reflective neon orange, reflective neon yellow, reflective neon pink reflective green and reflective red.
Dry Wax tins
Waxed Cotton is a unique high quality fabrics, we offer you a DRY WAX TINS for its care. • Renew protection against water • Overcomes the problems of wetting-out of all our waxed cotton products • Prolongs the life of your waxed cotton products • Easy to apply
Summer refreshment! New colour of whistle - Coral
Summertime is holiday time. Suitable for the summer there is a new whistle of the world famous manufacturer ACME. The whistle offered appear in the color  CORAL with the tones 210.5 and 211.5,  available in our eshop from 06. 06. 2016.  
Dummy vest Profi waxed
Waxed Dummy vest Profi by MYSTIQUE®  is perfectly suitable not only for training, but also for hunting or competition. All your equipment can be hidden inside whereas your hands remain free. To protect your back against excessive stress, the pockets were arranged very ingeniously.  Waxed cotton is a unique high-quality fabric. It is breathable while providing protection from wind and water.  Handmade. Size:  XS, S, M, L, XL
Waxed cotton collection !
In our offer you can find Dummy vests, Dummy bags and travel bowl in the new waxed cotton version. Waxed cotton is a unique high-quality fabric.  It is breathable while providing protection from wind and water. Dummy vest and Dummy bag  - perfect assistance for training, hunting or competition . . .
New colours of whistles - Snorkel blue and Turquoise!
New colours of whistles We would like to introduce you our new colours of Acme whistles, which we are selling under our exclusivity. You can find in our offer a special  Snorkel blue and Turquise
New spring snaps of Mystique® Rubbered leashes
We have extended offer of rubbered leashes of the following spring snap: trigger, solid brass trigger, rust-proof trigger and rust-proof snap hook. Except of 15mm and 20mm width, you can choose 12mm width also. Rubbered leashes are made from durable and tough rubbered nylon strap. Due to the both-sided applied rubber the leash is grippy and especially in wet condition it’s easy to hold. The colours of rubbered leashes correspond with the colours of our rubbered collars!
"New yellow" edition
Since now, you can find in our offer a special " New Yellow" edition of Mystique dummies. We have extended offer of combination of yellow-black and yellow-white color, available in all categories of Mystique dummies - marking, long-throw, speedy, ball, speedball, pocket, puppy etc.
"Neon green" edition
With the arrival of spring we bring new edition of Mystique dummies. In our offer you can find a special "neon green" edition, available in all categories of Mystique dummies - standard, marking, long throw, speedy, ball, speedball,hunting disc, pocket, puppy etc.