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Blood tracking collar 60cm brown

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Leather blood tracking collar for gundogs made of nature-like or brown leather is adjustable with a roller buckle.

40cm - bigger Teckel, Terrier
45cm - Terrier, Spaniel, Slovak Kopov (bitch)
50cm - Bavarian Mountain Scenthound (bitch), Slovak Kopov (dog)
55cm - Bavarian Mountain Scenthound (dog), Hannoverian Scenthound (bitch)
60cm - Hannoverian Scenthound (dog), Pointer


• high quality
• strong, wide leather
• with roller buckle

Colours: nature, brown
Lengths: 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 cm
Weight: 150 – 170 g

The length corresponds with the length of the collar, not the neck circle!

DescriptionTechnical parameters
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