Dummy Launcher torpedo red


Dummy Launcher torpedo together with a launcher helps your dog associate the sound and smell of a gunshot with retrieving and sight of a falling shot bird. It is a perfect preparation for future real work.

The dummy is made of durable plastic material with a weighted steel tube inside to take Retriev-R-Trainer and the Lucky Launcher II.

For more realistic training animal scents can be applied and thanks to the plastic material it can be used not only on dry land, but also in the water as it is able to float. The dummy is designed to achieve longer distances.


• high quality
• durable materials
• imitates a falling shot bird
• usable on dry land and in the water
• designed for longer distances
• animal scents can be applied

Colors: white, red
Dimensions: length ca. 12 cm, ø ca. 7 cm
Weight: ca. 200 g