Mystique® Biothane collar click 25mm khaki 67cm

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Mystique® BioThane® collar click is well suited for use when training or if you just want to walk with your dog. The collar is made of strong BioThane® material and is equipped with a durable matallic buckle which is easy to close and reopen.

This collar is made exactly according to your own wish – is NOT adjustable and therefore it is not possible to return it after purchase!

The colours of collars correspond with the colours of our Mystique® BioThane® leashes!


• made of strong BioThane® material
• durable materials
• colours match our leashes colours
• durable metallic buckle

Lengths: 35, 36, 37, 38, ..., 70 cm

Width: 25 mm


BETA - black, blue, brown, green, lila, neon green, neon orange, neon pink, neon yellow, red, wine red, grey, pastel green, pastel purple, pastel blue, pastel pink, light brown, light blue, light green

GOLD – black gold, blue gold, green gold, light blue gold, light green gold, neon orange gold, neon pink gold, red gold, turquoise gold, yellow gold, camo khaki gold, camo orange gold, camo pink gold

REFLEX GOLD - reflex black gold, reflex blue gold, reflex green gold, reflex orange gold, reflex pink gold, reflex red gold, reflex turquoise gold, reflex yellow gold



BioThane® Beta - leather look and feel with emboss, matte surface

BioThane® Gold - glossy, shiny surface, good flexibility, high abrasion resistance; translucent = webbing is visible through plastic coating

BioThane® Gold reflective - glossy, shiny surface, good flexibility, high abrasion resistance; with reflective stripe in its middle

For more details, see the Technical info column!

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