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Mystique® Bird Dog Dummy Trainer white/black large

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The Mystique® Bird Dog Dummy Trainer is used as a preparation for retrieving a real game. Its special form imitates the body of partridge, pheasant and duck. The tough, nylon material and a special filling enables the dummy to be used for dry land. You can also apply scents to advance the attraction. The best advantage is that you do not need any real game at the beginning of retrieving training.

Thanks to higher weight the Trainer Bird Dog Dummy provides you more real training, like with a real game! The Dummy floats on the water, but we don´t recommend it for water training.



• imitates a real game in weight
• for daily training
• high quality
• tough nylon material
• special throwing rope
• can be flavoured with scents
• floads on water, but we don´t recommend it for water training


Colours: khaki - orange, brown - beige, wine red - beige, orange - black, lila - black, neon green - black, white - black
Dimensions: length ca. 37 cm (L), 31 cm (S) (without rope)
Weight: ca. 600 g (L), 400 g (S)

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