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Mystique® Dummy "Speedy marking" 250g light blue/white

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Mystique® Dummy Speedy Marking 250 g is made for dogs of any age to improve their attention, hunting and marking skills. This is thanks to its lower weight, smaller size and higher speed you can achieve. Using two different colours, the dummy is better visible for your dog regardless of the background you are training in. A special strap enables you to throw it at much higher speed to much longer distance with no extra power needed.

For more realistic training the dummy can be flavoured with scents and thanks to the strong canvas and special filling it can be used either on dry land or in the water as it is able to float. It is short and rounded in shape which contributes to a better grip.

Our dummies are specially designed for the gundog training. Basic requirement for training is a so-called soft mouth, which prevents the game or the dummy damaged by too firm bite, and therefore is unusable. The dummies are not suitable for tugging.


• for daily training
• trains dog´s attention, hunting and marking skills
• a special strap
• high quality
• strong and durable canvas
• suitable for field or water training
• can be flavoured with scents
• for dogs of any age

Colours: WHITE - green, - khaki, - blue, - black, - pink, - light blue, - lila, - yellow 
                         - hot pink, - red
               ORANGE - green
               BLACK - pink, - light blue, - lila, - hot pink, - yellow, - red
               BLUE - yellow
Dimensions: length ca. 20 cm, ø ca. 5,5 cm
Weight: 250 g  (+- 3%)

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