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Mystique® Dummy "Speedy Rabbit full fur" 250g full fur

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Mystique® Dummy "Speedy" full fur is made for puppies, younger and inexperienced dogs and smaller breeds to help develope their attention and hunting skills. This is thanks to its lower weight, smaller size and higher speed you can achieve. A special strap enables you to throw it at much higher speed to much longer distance with no extra power needed. Using this dummy, which is full fur covered, young dogs can get used to having hairs in mouth easier.

For more realistic training the dummy can be flavoured with
scents and thanks to the strong canvas it can be used on dry land. It is short and rounded in shape which contributes to a better grip. It can occur to partial fall out of fur hairs or parts of fur, beucase of mechanical manipulation with product, which is not reason to claim the product.
• for daily training
• trains dog´s attention and hunting skills
• helps dog to get used to hairs in mouth
• a special strap for higher speed and longer distance
• high quality
• strong and durable canvas
• suitable for field training
• can be flavoured with scents
• for puppies, young and inexperienced dogs and smaller breeds

Fur on dummies can be delivered in different colors,see below. Different colors of fur is not a reason for complaint.
Dimensions: 250 g - length ca. 20 cm, ø ca. 5,5 cm, 500 g - ca. 25 cm, ø ca. 6,5 cm
Weight: 250 g, 500 g (+- 3%)

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