Mystique® Dummy vest Profi cool black S

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Mystique® Dummy vest "Profi cool" is perfect for training not only on hot summer days. The Dummies can easily dry, because of the mesh pouch on the backside. The bag is divided, so the lower part keeps your back dry and on the upper the air can still circulate. The vest is suitable not only for training, but also for hunting or competition. All your equipment can be hidden inside whereas your hands remain free. To protect your back against excessive stress, the pockets were arranged very ingeniously. Handmade.

The large back pocket provides space for 8-10 pcs. of 500g dummies. Into the net-side-pockets you can put the bottle of water for you or for your dog. In the large front pockets there are another removable orange pockets with reflective stripes, closable with zipper. There you can put your keys or money and when hunting you can pull the pocket out to be better visible from the front, especially in the darkness. In the front net pockets you can have the balls or pocket dummies always at hand, no matter if they are dry or wet! What is more you also have two inside embeded chest-pockets for cell phone and a ring for competitor´s number. Additionally, there is a small pocket for a whistle so that it won´t sway on your chest. And you also have pockets to protect your hands against wind and bad weather conditions at your disposal. There is a carabine for things like Chuckit! launchers, travel bowls etc. at both sides of the
vest also with rings. Using the loop you can hang the vest on a hook.

One speciality – on the back the vest is equipped with removable orange safety part with reflective stripes which you can easily exchange for the same part in colour of the vest. This vest-coloured part can be printed or embroidered with logo of your training group, breeding station or something else! This you can make yourself or we can make this for you – on request!

Hip circumference provides even hot dressed people sufficient freedom of movement

Due to its special coating the vest is very easy to clean.



• Mesh pouch on the backside – better circulation
• Large back pocket for dummies
• Hand-pockets to protect your hands
• Pockets for training accessories
• Pockets for personal stuff like cell phone, keys, money
• Removable safety parts in the front and also in the back
• Ring for competitor´s number
• Two carabines for accessories like Chuckit!, travel bowl, etc.
• Removable part on the back (can be printed or embroidered)
• Different sizes

Outer material: PES

Colours: khaki, brown, beige, black


XS     clothing size 36


S       clothing size 38, 40


M       clothing size 42, 44


L        clothing size 46, 48


XL      clothing size 50, 52


XXL   clothing size 54, 56, 58


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