Mystique® Field trial moxon leash 6mm 90cm neon yellow


Mystique® Field trial moxon leash 6 mm is a leash made of high quality climbing rope with deer antler. It may be used for working dogs as well as for all sporting dogs. Mainly used for retriever training.

Material: Nylon

Colors:  black, khaki, red, blue, beige, purple, brown, orange, pink, lila, wine red, neon orange, neon yellow, neon green, turquoise, blue-beige, black-orange, red-black, orange-red, beige-blue, khaki-orange, red-white, turquoise-orange

Version: moxon, moxon with hornstop

Length: ca. 130 cm, 150 cm

Diameter: ø 6 mm

The hornstop can be easy-going, but this is not a reason for complain! If hornstop is too tight, in the case of wet leash it would not be possible to move.