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Mystique® Field trial "Short leash" 4mm 80cm red

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Mystique® Field trial "Short leash" 4 mm is a leash made of high quality climbing rope with deer antler, which always remains at the adjusted position. This lead is very lightweight and because of that it is especially used for heel-work and steadiness training. Very useful training aid against running off, so you can always have your dog under control. It may be used for working dogs as well as for all sporting dogs. Mainly used for retriever trainings.

Material: Nylon
Colurs: black , orange, red, beige, green-orange, green-red, neon green, neon orange, neon yellow
Length: 65, 80 cm
Diameter: ø 4 mm

The hornstop can be easy-going, but this is not a reason for complain! If hornstop is too tight, in the case of wet leash it would not be possible to move.

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