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Mystique® Prey dummy "Snack" small neon green with fur

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Mystique® Prey dummy "Snack" with fur is intended for larger breeds of dogs and inexperienced dogs to learn them to retrieve the dummy in a playful and positive way. Due to the reward given to your dog immediately after retrieving the dummy, the dog builds a closer relationship with its handler and makes a success faster. There is a special removable rope included, using which you may achieve much longer distances. Due to the easily washable internal side and a preserved easy-to-open zip, this dummy can be filled with every kind of snacks.

The dummy is made of strong and durable nylon material and the animal scents can also be used to attract the dog´s attention even more effectively.  It can occur to partial fall out of fur hairs or parts of fur, beucase of mechanical manipulation with product, which is not reason to claim the product.


• high quality
• strong and durable nylon material
• rabbit fur
• a must-have item for all dog handlers
• learns dogs to retrieve in a playful way
• can be filled with every kind of snacks
• a special removable rope
• can be flavoured with scents
• for larger breeds and inexperienced dogs

Fur on dummies can be delivered in different colors,see below. Different colors of fur is not a reason for complaint.

Colours: orange with fur, neon green with fur, pink with fur, khaki with fur, lila with fur
Dimensions: length ca. S - 19 cm, L - 22 cm, ø ca. S - 5,5 cm, L - 6,5 cm
Weight: S - 60 g, L - 80 g

Sizes: small, large

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