Mystique® Rubbered leash adjustable 20mm brown 250cm

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Mystique® Rubbered leash adjustable can be used in many different situations. The leash offers you many types of leashes in one. You can use it as a normal leash, a leash around the body or as a long leash.

This material provides remarkable grip and ideal handling, especially in wet conditions.


• high quality
• tough rubbered Nylon belt
• many types of leashes in one
• best grip, especially in wet conditions

Colors:  black, khaki, neon orange, neon green, yellow, purple, brown, blue, lila, red

Length: 200, 250, 300 cm (adjustable)
Width: 15, 20 mm
Weight: 110 - 150 g (depending on width)

DescriptionTechnical parameters
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