Mystique® Rubbered leash 15mm purple 1m

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Mystique® Rubbered leash is the best choice for walks and travel. The leash can be coiled closely and due to this it does not need much space. You can also have it always at your hand in your jacket.

Due to both-sided rubberizing the leash is grippy and easy to hold, especially in wet conditions.


• highest quality
• tough rubbered Nylon belt
• can be coiled closely
• with or without handgrip
• best grip in any conditions

Colors: black, khaki, neon orange, neon green, yellow, purple, brown, blue, lila, red

Length: 0,5; 1, 1,2; 2, 3 m
Width: 15, 20 mm
Weight: 70 - 155 g (depending on length and width)

DescriptionTechnical parameters
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