Dokken's bumper Dummy white 5cm

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The Dokken's Bumper dummy with a molded rope for faster and longer-distance-throws is ideal for work on the water. As the dummy does not have a smooth surface, the dog can grab even the wet dummy properly and more easily and at the same time it discourages the dog from unnecessary playing with it.

The dummy is made of a durable and flexible natural-feel foam, which is able to float on the water. For more realistic training the dummy can be injected with animal scents. Very popular dummy, easy to clean.


• for daily training
• high quality
• durable material
• molded rope for longer distances
• suitable for water and fieldwork
• animal scents can be injected
• for dogs from the 4th month of age

Colours: white, orange, black/white
Dimensions: length ca. 25 cm, Ø ca. 5 cm
Weight: ca. 150 g

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