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Mystique® Dummy "3-part" 3,0kg khaki with rabbit fur

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The Mystique® Dummy "3-part" is suitable for dogs to improve their work with higher weights. The dummy imitates a real game in weight and shape. Using this dummy, you build self-confidence in your dog before you start to train with heavier dummies or game. 3-part dummy trains the proper grip of the game - the dog takes the dummy in the middle, the other two parts hang loose, very similar to a real game.

The dummy is made of strong nylon fabric with a furry ring on its center part, which makes the dog fetch it holding in its middle. The usage of animal scents and the furry ring make training even more realistic. For a longer life of the dummy, we recommend to bring it to its place, not to throw! It can occur to partial fall out of fur hairs or parts of fur, beucase of mechanical manipulation with product, which is not reason to claim the product.

Our dummies are specially designed for the gundog training. Basic requirement for training is a so-called soft mouth, which prevents the game or the dummy damaged by too firm bite, and therefore is unusable. The dummies are not suitable for tugging.

• for daily training
• high quality
• imitates a real game in weight and shape
• can be flavoured with scents
• for dogs from 12 months of age

Fur on dummies can be delivered in different colors,see below. Different colors of fur is not a reason for complaint.

Colours: khaki, orange
Dimensions: ca. 65 x 12 cm
Weight: 2kg, 2,5kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg (+- 3%)

Types: with rabbit fur, with fox fur, full fur rabbit

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