Chuckit! Launcher 25S Sport

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Chuckit! Sport 25S Launcher is compatible with the small size 5 cm balls. Suitable for small dogs.
 - 25” Launcher with Small Ball cup
- easier pickup with less bending
- greater throwing distance than other offerings for small dogs
- works with all Chuckit! Small balls
- rounds out small dog assortment as trends continue to rise

Accept no imitation of the patented, sought after, and wildly popular Chuckit! Ball Launchers which revolutionize fetch. Users benefit from no-slobber hands-free pickup of balls, a longer throw with reduced arm fatigue, and more exercise in less time. From small to large breeds, backyards to beaches, there is a Chuckit! Ball Launcher for just about any need or setting.

Colour: green
Lenght: 64 cm
Diameter of ball: 5 cm

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