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Miroslav Gacik - MYSTIQUE s.r.o.
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024 01 Kysucke Nove Mesto

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VUB A.S., Bratislava (SK)

Our e-shop specializes mainly in promoting and selling products that are being made under the brand name Mystique® in our own factory. Our most significant goal is to produce and offer the goods of the highest quality to our customers´ satisfaction. On our offer you can find items like dummies, dummy bags & vests, game bags and vests, leads and collars, lanyards and other training accessories made from various materials such as leather, nylon or BioThane®.

Except for these, we also offer the products of the worldwide known brands like Acme® whistles, Dokken'sTM – deadfowl trainers, Chuckit® - various balls,toys and ball throwers, Pete Rickard® - game scents and SportDOG® - plastic dummies.

The products on our offer are intended mainly for gundog training of retrievers, spaniels, pointers, setters, waterdogs, bloodhounds, scenthounds, sighthounds, terriers, etc.. But recently they have been becoming more and more popular also with the sports cynology supporters and other dog lovers if only for fun.

We are looking forward to our cooperation. 

                                                             Your Mystique® team