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Miroslav Gacik - MYSTIQUE s.r.o.
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024 01 Kysucke Nove Mesto

Phone: +421 41 4333 999
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VUB A.S., Bratislava (SK)

10.  Return policy (Claims)

The customer is obliged to apply the claim by the supplier immediately as he finds out a fault on goods, otherwise the customer loses the right against the supplier for free defect removal.

In case of a complaint, please send us an e-mail to our adress, where you state Your name and telephone number, on which we can reach you, invoice number, product code, product name, brief description of defect and photo of defect.

If it is not possible to assess of the eligibility of the claim from photo and description, it will be needed to send complained goods to the address:

Miroslav Gacík – MYSTIQUE s.r.o.

Štefánikova štvrť 534/16

024 01 Kysucké Nové Mesto


telefon:+421 41 4333 999, fax +421 41 4333 996, mobil +421 911 431 821


Your claim will be processed within statutory time limit until 30 working days.

In case of recognition of eligibility of the claim, costs associated with the replacement of the goods and transport are paid by the supplier. Otherwise, if the claim will be considered ineligible , the customer bears all the costs including transportation costs. Article posted on claims must be cleaned.

In the case of damaged package:

In the case of receiving any external damage, the package should be immediately done in taking the following steps:
- Draw up a complaint protocol with the courier, who will confirm on the spot
- A claim confirmed by the DPD sent to our email address: along with photos of the damaged package, description of damages, DPD parcel number, package weight, and if you are missing goods - code and the name of the missing goods.

If the above steps are not carried out, we can not guarantee recognition of the complaint to your satisfaction.