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ACME Whistle Glow 210 1/2 and 211 1/2
We would like to annouce you new colour variant of ACME whistles 210 1/2 and 211 1/2 in our offer. From now you can buy in our e-shop new glow variant of these whistles.
Rubbered leashes in khaki color
Mystique® Rubbered leashes in new color - KHAKI. Available in all variants...
Mystique® Dummy "School" 700g
Mystique® Dummy School 700g is due to sand filling heavier, but retains the size of Mystique Dummy School 300g and thus is suitable also for smaller dogs. Higher weight forces your dog to get used to heavier weight, which trains muscles and grip. Colours: green, orange, khaki, blue, white, pink, light blue, lila, camo nylon, hot pink, yellow, neon green, red Weight: 700 g
Mystique® Signal dog vest
We bring you new reflex vest, which will serve your dogs on hunting, walking or through low visibility. Vest is composed of two colours which are easily recognizable in various seasons. This vest should became to necessary equipment of each dog owner, as it is very important to see and be seen. The vest we will offer in different sizes. On the vest can be easily written by Centrofix phone number of dog owner to indentify the dog if lost.
New color of Biothane® - khaki
We have extended offer of BioThane® with new colour - KHAKI. Leashes and collars in this color are available on our eshop.
Mystique® Hunting Profi Biothane part
Mystique® "Hunting Profi" Biothane part is an additional part of the hunting leash for another dogs to lead. Using this part you can lead 2-3 dogs. Type: moxon, moxon with hornstop, carabine Diameter: ø 6 mm,8 mm  
Mystique® Hunting Profi Biothane adjustable leash
Mystique® "Hunting Profi" Biothane adjustable leash is very popular hunting leash, which is used mostly on hunting days or when taking hunting tests. But you can also use it when only walking with your dog. With additional parts you can lead 2 or more dogs. Version: moxon, moxon with hornstop, with carabine Length: S, M, L Diameter: ø 6 mm, 8mm
Mystique® Dummy "School"
Mystique® Dummy School was specially developed for young dogs.Due to the long shape and the diameter, it is easy for young dogs to optimal fetch, retrieve and facilitates the perfect removal of the dummy.The long throw rope with toogle can be easily removed when the dog is playing with it. Colours: green, orange, khaki, blue, white, pink, light blue, lila, camo nylon, hot pink, yellow, neon green, red.
Chuckit! Fresh news in our offer
Dear customers, we would like to inform you, that we have refreshed our offer of Chuckit! products and added into our offer 3 new fresh articles from this company. Durable Rugged Fetch Ball, Crunchy Super Crunch Ball and tug-of-war Crunch Ball Duo Tug. Since now you are able to buy them all in our e-shop.
Christmas wishes
Merry Christmas and Happy New year with thanks for faithful cooperation.
Christmas working time
The christmas holiday in our company are as follows: 16.12.2021 - it´s the last day for receiving your orders. If payment will be credited to our acount till 17.12.2021, 2:30 p.m., orders will be processed and shipped before Christmas. We recommend you to make your orders in advance, because it can happen, that due to capacity reasons, also when you fulfill the above mentioned requirements, we will be not able to ship your order in the given date, but just in new year 2022. Last possible shipping day is on 20.12.2021 22.12. 2021 - 02.01.2022 - CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY 03. 01. 2022  - we are at your disposal again
Summer colors of Mystique® Treatbag
New summer colors of Mystique® Treatbag - reflex blue, reflex green, reflex orange and reflex pink. Mystique® Treatbag to attach to your belt or directly to your waist, ideal for clickertraning and direct rewarding your dog....
New 4mm Field trial moxon and Short leashes with hornstop
We would like to announce you, that we spread our sortiment of 4mm Field Trial moxon and 4mm Field Trial short leashes with variation with hornstop. Material: Nylon Colurs: black , orange, red, beige, green-orange, green-red, neon green, neon yellow, neon orange Diameter: ø 4 mm The hornstop can be easy-going, but this is not a reason for complain! If hornstop is too tight, in the case of wet leash it would not be possible to move.
Sortiment extension of Leather leashes
We would like to announce you sortiment extension of Leather moxon leashes. From now you can find in our offer leather leashes with hornstop. Leather moxon leash 6mm ca. 150cm is a very popular leather leash, which you can use on shows, trainings or for walking. Hornstop prevents the dog from being choked when pulled and the leather stop minimizes accidental removal of the dog from the leash. Handmade. Material: leather Colours: brown, nature Length: ca. 150 cm Diameter: ø 6 mm
Chuckit! Ultra Tumbler
New Chuckit! Ultra Tumbler in our sortiment. Chuckit! Ultra Tumbler allows pets and pet parents to easily spot the ball in tall grass or mud. It is also unsinkable and it floats on the water. It is designed to engage your dog's natural chase instinct, this exciting fetch toy tumbles around on the ground in an erratic tumbling motion that dogs go crazy over