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Summer holiday in our company
From 24h of July until 4th of August 2023  will be our company closed due to summer holiday.  Received orders will be sent before holiday, if will be payment credited on our account at latest by morning 19st of July 2023, otherwise orders will be processed after 7th of August 2023. We are at your disposal again from Monday, 7th of August 2022.
Celebration of the 15th anniversary
15 years we have been producing top-quality products for you, not only for training and competitions, but also for fun and entertainment...
Mystique® Biothane collars with fittings with higher strength
We don´t even forget about large breeds of dogs and due to that we are expanding our offer with collars with fittings with higher strength, which besides that ensures higher safety for your pet. We offer 38mm collars in various colors and lengths, in deluxe or click versions.
New colour of rubbered leashes and collars - yellow
Mystique® rubbered leashes and collars in new colour  - YELLOW. Available in all variants...
Mystique® Biothane hunting leash 6mm
Mystique® BioThane® hunting leash is a popular leash, especially when hunting or walking with your dog. It is often used in conjunction with Biothane Blood collar from our offer. A leash with a diameter of 6mm is suitable for small and medium breeds and 8mm leash is suitable for medium and large breeds. Material: BioThane® Beta round 520 - leather appearance, matte surface, lower abrasion resistance Colors: khaki, brown and neon orange Length: approx. 175 cm Diameter: ø app.. 6mm; app.. 8 mm Fittings: chrome, brass, rust-proof trigger, brass trigger and "Swedish" trigger carabine
Mystique® Dummy vest Profi cool black
We would like to introduce into our offer new black colour of popular Mystique® Dummy vest Profi cool. You are able to order them through our e-shop.
New ACME ALPHA whistles 210 1/2 and 211 1/2
We would like to introduce you new version of ACME 210 1/2 and 211 1/2 whistles. This new version called ALPHA has better handling, more comfort grip and softness in the mounth. Whistles will be available in colours black, baltic blue, carmine red, neon pink, forest green, hot pink, purple, turquoise, lila, black/neon orange. Frequency: 210 1/2 - 6200 Hz (+/- 20 %)                     211 1/2 - 4850 Hz (+/- 20 %)
Mystique® Rabbit Dog Dummy
Mystique® Rabbit Dog Dummy - special body which imitates real rabbit, ensure to experience training like in real hunting conditions. Also in the version with a fur cover,which you can easily remove and start training in the beginning without fur cover and countinuously teach your dog to hold the dummy also with fur cover.  Sizes: small and large
New Leather round leashes
We would like to introduce you new hunting leashes from round leather. We will have two variants of these leashes in 4mm and 6x10mm both in brown and nature colours. Both variants are best usable for hunting or walking the dog. 6x10mm option is recommend and designed for use with stronger and bigger dogs. Leashes are handmade. Material: leather Colours: dark-brown, nature Length: ca. 165 cm Diameter: ca.ø 4 mm, ca.ø 6x10mm
New Dokken´s Dead Fowl Puppy Mallard and Dead Fowl Puppy Pheasant
We would like to announce you that we have implemented into our offer new items from Dokken´s. We introduce you new Dokken´s Dead Fowl Puppy Mallard and Dead Fowl Puppy Pheasant made specially for puppies and young dogs as well as small breeds. From today you will be able to order these products in our e-shop.
PF 2023
We would like to thank you very much for the successful cooperation! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and successful New Year 2023!
Christmas working time
The christmas holiday in our company are as follows: 20.12.2022 - it´s the last day for receiving your orders. If payment will be credited to our acount till 20.12.2022, 2:30 p.m., orders will be processed and shipped before Christmas. We recommend you to make your orders in advance, because it can happen, that due to capacity reasons, also when you fulfill the above mentioned requirements, we will be not able to ship your order in the given date, but just in new year 2023. Last possible shipping day is on 20.12.2022 21.12. 2022 - 01.01.2023 - CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY 02. 01. 2023  - we are at your disposal again
Hunting calendar 2023 - Slovak
Hunting calendar 2023 - Slovak Dimension: 125 x 175 mm                  Slovak calendar                  Slovak language mutation.
ACME Whistle Glow 210 1/2 and 211 1/2
We would like to annouce you new colour variant of ACME whistles 210 1/2 and 211 1/2 in our offer. From now you can buy in our e-shop new glow variant of these whistles.
Rubbered leashes in khaki color
Mystique® Rubbered leashes in new color - KHAKI. Available in all variants...