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The company Miroslav Gacík-Mystique was established in 2008, in 2017 change the legal form to Miroslav Gacík - MYSTIQUE s.r.o. It´s founder, Miroslav Gacík, has been devoted to cynology training and sport and his passion for dogs and for the work with them has lead him to the idea of not only producing, but considerably extending and completing the range of products, which were not available on the market or were insufficient. His sense for and emphasis on the quality, customer service and variety of products offered brought the brand Mystique® very soon into the awareness of wide cynological public, and the brand has nowadays become one of the most popular in the area of hunting or sport cynology.

Quality of products and services provided is also underlined by the fact that Mystique® products are sought as a sponsorship article of the most prestigious events in Europe, thereby Mystique® brand also got into the consciousness of the world-famous coaches and referees, many of whom also became our customers. In a few years, the company has managed to recast from a small family business to a company employing dozens of workers who are proud of their brand and their products are being shipped to almost all over Europe and even further.

Lately, considerable investments in technology, machinery and equipment and constantly innovative ideas have helped to promote the prestigious and globally recognized brand name Mystique®. Personal experience and passion for the most faithful friend of man, a dog, do not allow us to slacken our efforts, but on the contrary – it encourages us to fulfill our mission and purpose of our slogan - produce accessories for dogs not only for training and competition, but especially for fun and entertainment! 

Mystique® "Rabbit cover" tennis ball
Mystique® "Rabbit cover" with tennis ball is a combination of rabbit cover and a tennis ball used for better motivate your dog.  Suitable for hunting training, especially combined with scents, which makes training more realistic. Rabbit cover available with tennis ball or without tennis ball.
New colors of Dummy Trainer
Mystique® Trainer dummy is due to the sand filling heavier, but retains the size of the standard 500 g dummy and thus is suitable also for smaller dogs. The dummy forces your dog to get used to heavier weight which trains muscles and grip and so contributes to improving techniques for fetching dummies. Available in 1000 g or 1500 g version. We have expanded our offer with these colors:  khaki, blue ,black, pink, light blue, lila, camo nylon, hot pink, yellow, white, neon green, red.
Summer holiday in our company
From 01 July  till 14 July 2019  will be our company closed due to summer holiday.  Received orders will be sent before holiday, if will be payment credited on our account at latest by 26 June morning,  otherwise orders we start processing after 15 July 2019.  We are at your disposal again from Monday, 15 July 2019.
Mystique® Field trial Short leash 6mm with hornstop
Mystique® Field trial "Short leash" 6 mm  with hornstop is made of high quality climbing rope with deer antler (stopper) and with a small ball with a knot as a handgrip, which is very ease to loosen when you or your dog is bothered with it. Hornstop helps you the set up the leash so that the horn stays in right position so the lenght around the dog´s neck is always the same.  Colurs: beige, beige/blue, black, black/orange, blue, blue/beige, brown, khaki, khaki/orange, lila, neon green, neon orange, neon yellow, orange, orange/red, pink, purple, red, red/black, red/white, turquoise, turquoise/orange, wine red Length: 65, 70, 80 cm
Mystique Dummy vest "Profi cool" waxed
Mystique Dummy Vest Profi cool also in waxed version!  For your comfortabe feeling while training, hunting or competiton in hot summer days. The mesh pouch on the backside ensures better air circulation. Perfect for summer.  All your equipment can be hidden inside whereas your hands remain free. Color:  brown, sahara Sizes:  XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Mystique Dummy vest "Profi cool"
For your comfortabe feeling while training, hunting or competiton in hot summer days we got for you Mystique Dummy Vest Profi cool. The mesh pouch on the backside ensures better air circulation.  Perfect for summer.  All your equipment can be hidden inside whereas your hands remain free. We offer it in color brown, beige and khaki,. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Dummy Straight-line
Mystique® Dummy Straight-line 550g is made as a training tool for learning, training and building confidence while training handling to keep the dog in straight line. Colors: white-black, green-black, orange-black Dimensions: Length approx. 30 cm incl.strap, ø approx. 9 cm Weight: 550 g
Biothane blood tracking leash two color
We have extended offer of Mystique® Biothane®  blood tracking leash.  Since now you can choose it in orange-blue or orange-yellow color. We manufacture it from the material BioThane® BETA or GOLD with solid brass or rust-proof joint. Length: 6m, 7m, 8m 10m, 12m, 14m Width: 13mm, 16mm, 19mm  
3-part dummy
Mystique 3-part dummy is special dummy designed to imitate real game by its weight and form. Very popular in case you have no possibility to train with a real game.  It helps dogs to fetch it correctly, right in the middle.  Other 2 parts are flopping and this is like real game retrievering.  With fur in the middle is the dummy very similar to real game, especially by using training dog scents. For more versatile use we have expanded our offer on new weights, from now you can buy: Mystique® Dummy "3-part" full fur in 2,5kg new 4 kg and 5 kg Mystique® Dummy "3-part junior"  in  new 0,75 kg, 1 kg, 1,5kg Mystique® Dummy "3-part junior" with rabbit fur  in  new 0,75 kg, 1 kg, 1,5kg Mystique® Dummy "3-part junior" full fur in new 0,75kg and 1 kg