MYSTIQUE - Gundog Training Equipment

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Mystique® Dummy Sniffle with fox fur
Mystique® Dummy Sniffle also in version with fox fur. With Mystique® Dummy Sniffle be prepared for an immediate training whenever and wherever you want ...
Summer holiday in our company
From 27th of July until 9th of August 2020  will be our company closed due to summer holiday.  Received orders will be sent before holiday, if payments will be credited on our account at latest by 22th of July morning,  otherwise orders we start processing after 10th of August 2020.  We are at your disposal again from Monday, 10th of August 2020.
Mystique® Snack dummy reflex
Mystique® Dummy "Snack" in new reflex colors: reflex blue, reflex green, reflex orange and reflex pink.. Available in two sizes.
New variants of ACME 212 and 640 in purple colour
We would like to annouce you new colour variant of ACME whistles 212 and 640 in our offer. From now you can buy in our e-shop new purple variant of these whistles.
Chuckit! again in our offer
We established Chuckit! again into our offer. From now you can order Chuckit! in our e-shop.
Fresh summer colors of Mystique® Travel bowl
Fresh summer colors of Mystique® travel bowls - reflex blue, reflex green, reflex orange and reflex pink. ... for you and your dog a practical must-have item when traveling.
Mystique® Travel bowl white
We would like to annouce you new colour variant of Mystique® Travel bowl. From now you can buy in our e-shop new white colour of our Mystique® Travel bowl.
BioThane® leashes and collars with black snap hook
We have extended our offer of BioThane® BETA and GOLD leashes and collars. You can choose all BioThane® leashes also with a black snap hook or black trigger snap hook. Collars with black buckle are in version "deluxe".
Mystique® Bird Dog Dummy white/black
We would like to announce you new white/black variation of Mystique® Bird Dog Dummy and Mystique® Bird Dog Dummy Trainer in our sortiment. In our e-shop you can find this new colour variation in sizes S and L. The Mystique® Bird Dog Dummy is used as a preparation for retrieving a real game. Its special form imitates the body of partridge, pheasant and duck. The tough, nylon material and a special filling enables the dummy to be used for dry land or water trainings as it is able to swim.