Dokken's launcher dummy greenwing teal

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Dokken's Launcher Dummy Greenwing Teal together with a launcher helps your dog associate the sound and smell of a gunshot with retrieving and sight of a falling shot bird. The dummy encourages the dog to make a proper pick up and hold and discourages from shaking ducks as it perfectly imitates a real teal with its freely swinging plastic head and feet.
The dummy is made of a natural-feel foam with a weighted steel tube inside to take all standard dummy launchers such as the Retriev-R-Trainer, the Turner Richards, the Lucky Launcher II, the DT Super-Pro Dummy Launcher, and others.

For more realistic training the dummy can be injected with animal scents and used not only on dry land, but also in the water as it is able to float.


• high quality
• strong and durable materials
• imitates a falling shot bird
• usable on dry land or in the water
• compatible with all standard dummy launchers
• animal scents can be injected

Colours: greenwing teal
Dimensions: length ca. 25 cm
Weight: ca. 200 g

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