Mystique® Biothane tracking leash round 8mm red 30m black


Mystique® BioThane® tracking leash round is an important training tool when you want to train your dog. The tracking leashes made from BioThane® are ideal for different dog sports, hobbies and leisure. This material reaches a remarkable grip and ideal handling.

The solid brass or rust-proof products provide you with extreme strength and resistance to undue burden or adverse weather conditions such as humidity, frost or salty marine environment!

The colours match the Mystique® BioThane® collars collection!


• highest quality

• tough BioThane® material

• best grip

• without handgrip

• combines all advantages of BioThane® material

Fittings: chrome-plated, solid brass, rust-proof, black

Snap hook: standard, trigger

Length: 5; 7,5; 10; 15; 20; 30 m   Ø 6; 8 mm

Weight: 230 – 1720 g

Colours: black, blue, brown, neon green, neon orange, neon pink, neon yellow, red, wine red, grey, light blue, light green, lila(6mm), khaki

For more details about the Biothane® material see the Technical info column!