Mystique® Dummy "Hunting Disc full fur" 165g full fur


Mystique® dummy "Hunting Disc " is developed mainly to train and improve dog´s hunting skills. It is a pleasant alternative to the dummies, suitable for daily training, for dogs of all ages, but particularly it is perfect for the youngest ones. Thanks to its different flight characteristics, in comparison with the dummies, it is a very interesting tool not only for the dogs but also for their handlers.

The disc is made of strong and durable canvas and thanks to its special filling it can be used on dry land. For more realistic training you can use an animal
scent you can also find on our offer. It can occur to partial fall out of fur hairs or parts of fur, beucase of mechanical manipulation with product, which is not reason to claim the product.

Our dummies are specially designed for the gundog training. Basic requirement for training is a so-called soft mouth, which prevents the game or the dummy damaged by too firm bite, and therefore is unusable. The dummies are not suitable for tugging. 
• for daily training
• high quality
• trains and improves hunting skills
• strong and durable canvas
• can be flavoured with scents
• for dogs of all ages

Fur on dummies can be delivered in different colors,see below. Different colors of fur is not a reason for complaint.
Colours: full fur
Dimensions: ø ca. 13 cm
Weight: 165 g