Mystique® Dummy vest "Trainer"


Mystique® Dummy vest "Trainer" is a perfect aid for a training day. All your training equipment or game can be hidden inside whereas your hands remain free.
To protect your back against a lot of stress, the vest has a special belt which spread out the weight on your hips and due to the special design your shoulders are protected against straps cutting when the bag is full and heavy. Front pockets are good for leads, tennis balls, keys and the like. On the right side you have a carbine at your disposal, which you can use for Chuckit! or just hang on the bottle of water. It is bloodproof and very easy to clean.


NEW: Since now, a special adjustable strap providing more confidence and comfort is a brand new part of the vest.

Also available with a plastic buckle!

Outer material: PES

Colours: khaki-orange, beige, brown, camo-forest, pink, black, orange, lila, wine red, blue
Size:  S (40-42),    M (44-46),     L (48-50