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Choose from our offer of accessories to the dummies.

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Mystique® plastic toggle
In stock
Mystique® plastic toggle for all types of dummies guarantees a co...
1,17 EUR1,40 EUR incl. VAT
Mystique® Long-throw rope + toggle
In stock
With Mystique® "Long throw" rope + toggle you can throw the dummy...
2,08 EUR2,50 EUR incl. VAT
Mystique® "Long-throw" rope
In stock
With Mystique® "Long throw" rope you can throw the dummy to much ...
1,17 EUR1,40 EUR incl. VAT
Mystique® Long-throw toggle
In stock
Mystique® "Long throw" toggle is a ball for the long-throw rope t...
1,17 EUR1,40 EUR incl. VAT
Mystique® "Dummy Streamers"
In stock
Mystique® "Dummy streamers" turn your dummy into a marking-dummy...
4,08 EUR4,90 EUR incl. VAT
Mystique® "Rabbit cover"
In stock
Mystique® "Rabbit cover" you can attach to the dummy to get even ...
9,92 EUR11,90 EUR incl. VAT
Rabbit fur
In stock
Rabbit fur is suitable as a motivation to get the dog to the retr...
11,67 EUR14,00 EUR incl. VAT
Pheasant pelt
In stock
Pheasant pelt attached to a dummy helps your dog get used to the ...
18,75 EUR22,50 EUR incl. VAT
Pheasant wings 2pcs.
Sold out
Pheasant wings 2 pcs attached to a dummy help your dog get used t...
9,50 EUR11,40 EUR incl. VAT