Marking stick neon orange set of 3pcs.


Marking stick neon orange - 3 pcs. SET is very useful training equipment for blind, hunting, handling and obedience training. Orange colour is very good visible for the handler even for longer distances, but it is not so good visible for the dog, which is very useful for advanced training.

It is easy to assemble and disassamble the stick and for training in high grass it is possible to lengthen it using another stick. Due to its small size it fits into every bag.

Warning: do not store in direct sun light, the colour may slowly fade away!



• high quality

• for blind, hunting, handling, obedience training

• possible to lengthen

• easy handling

• lightweight material


Length: ca. 30cm (visible), Ø ca. 4 cm

Weight: ca. 135 g