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Miroslav Gacik - MYSTIQUE s.r.o.
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VUB A.S., Bratislava (SK)

Leashes and collars

In our offer you can find leashes and collars that can be used for training, work, leisure, exams and working tests. Choose the right size and type that suits you and your purpose. Do not allow the dog to bite a leash or collar. Regularly check the damage to the leash or collar, which may harm you and your dog.

Method of cleaning:
In case of soiling, gently clean with a cloth soaked in warmishl water. Do not wash, do not clean with chemicals, do not iron and dry in the dryer, do not use detergents and chemical substances.

Storage of products
Store products in a dry place, do not expose to direct sunlight for a long period.

Warning !!!
Regularly check the status of your training aids and do not use them further if you find any damage. This will prevent possible damage and possible injury to you and your dog. A slight change in color may occur over the life of the products, but this does not affect the usage. We do not recommend long-term exposure to direct sunlight, which results in a change in the color and material features.